"Capture lines and curves to reveal shapes and landscapes"




As a self-taught artist, I ‘ve always loved to draw during my childhood. At that time, I preferred to use charcoal and india ink.

When I was offered a box of dry pastels for a professional transfer in 2006, I discovered this medium I knew nothing about.

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As a pastellist painter, I mix materials and medium to give birth to my creativity.


Dry Pastels

This precious medium allows to mix the pigments, to blend them and to achieve effects of blur and mystery, by its refined, sensitive and soft side.


Mixed Media

The Mixed Media allows to explore techniques, mixing inks, pigments, collages, coatings to which may be added materials such as sand, mica, clay ...


Pastel courses or workshops

Creativity is how I share my soul with the world …

I share my passion for pastel through exhibitions but also through classes and workshops given to my students.

Transmitting allows me to give even more meaning to my passion. When I see the works of my students being perfected, it reflects the power of sharing that binds us during these precious moments.

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My partners

  • Meet me at the Mairie médiathèque de Saint-Etienne les Orgues during courses and workshops, and also at the Bergerie de Beaudine for residential courses
  • Find some pastels and small formats at the Maison de Produits de pays de Mane
  • Order small formats from the Bokehli art card website in Bordeaux
  • Find cards and a few oil paintings in the gallery of Sisteron
  • Onnae Studio, cutting workshop and laser engraving
  • Meet me at Gite de la Fontaine, Simiane la Rotonde during courses

find small formats

From the Bokehli art card

Order small formats from the Bokehli art card website in Bordeaux


Lieu- dit le Thoron

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